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Watch Me

I wheeled myself over to the front window. It is the perfect place for me to people watch. I live on the first floor of an old, picture perfect apartment building. Truthfully, the first two floors are mine. I don’t get upstairs much anymore. There is an elevator but I get claustrophobic in it now … Continue reading

Spring Thaw

“Once the ground thaws, that’s when I’ll kill you. Can’t bury you now. The ground is frozen. As soon as I can get you in the ground, you will die.” I believed him. But spring, really? My favorite season? I can’t even have that anymore. Now instead of looking forward to the renewal of life … Continue reading

Different Perspectives

I remember the day I went a little wild at the corn maze. And by wild I mean, I open fired at the fucking idiots at the corn maze. I’m not sure if I actually shot anyone. I do know for a fact that someone was killed. Me. Yes and not by me. So, that … Continue reading

Who’s Laughing Now

He stood over her body, bloody axe in his hand. The blood dripped from the blade landing on her cheek. Startled, she woke up. Her son said, “Mom come quick, there’s been an accident. I’m so sorry.” She didn’t have to time to adjust from groggy to awake. Jumping from the bed, she reached for … Continue reading

It Burned

I love the smell of gasoline. Especially after you light it on fire. I mean, I think I would like the smell but I never found out. It all started when I met a boy. It’s always about a boy. Well, not always but mostly. He had piercing blue eyes and a mischievous smile. He … Continue reading

If Only

The stairs creaked and groaned as she slowly descended into the pitch black basement, her flashlight a tunnel of light at her feet. Reaching the last step, she looked around to assess her surroundings. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him. He leapt at her, grabbing her from behind and pulling her … Continue reading

Reality Can Suck It

She had fantasized a hundred times a day about killing him. Glorious fantasies, she could see, smell and almost touch. Almost but not quite. She could taste her reality and it sucked. The only way out was her daydreams. Most of which involved pretty inventive ways of offing her psychotic husband. Obviously she didn’t always … Continue reading

Inventing Dreams

You know when you have a nightmare and you can wake up from it? Well, I can’t. I’m in a coma. I live my nightmare over and over. I drove drunk and killed our only daughter. I remember the accident like it was yesterday. Maybe it was yesterday? It’s still fresh in my mind. The … Continue reading

Righty Tighty

Whenever I’m strangling someone their head always tilts to whatever side my right hand is gripping. I’m trying to strengthen my left hand but I’m not sure if it’s working. Although I do love the strangling part. So, maybe it could be worth it. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was … Continue reading


The first thing I did after I got up this morning was commit a gruesome murder. I meant to do it. Granted, the spider had it coming. It shouldn’t have jumped at me when I tried to take it outside. I disposed of its somewhat larger than the average spider’s corpse by flushing it down … Continue reading